Reacta Healthcare Awarded Major Biomedical Catalyst Grant to develop Paediatric Food allergy diagnostics

The £1 million grant will support the development of the first Oral Food Challenges (OFCs) for paediatric patients to diagnose peanut, milk, and egg allergies.

Food allergy (FA) prevalence and hospitalisations are rising, especially in young children. Families face death from anaphylaxis, social exclusion, reduced quality-of-life (QoL), and out-of-pocket costs >£2489/year. A coming wave of new treatments promises to revolutionise FA, stimulating strong demand for partner diagnostics and driving the paediatric FA diagnostics market at 111% CAGR to reach £1.9Bn by 2029.

Today’s gold-standard Food allergy diagnostic is the OFC where patients consume incrementally increasing amounts of suspect food until a mild reaction versus an indistinguishable low/zero-dose control. However, current non-pharmaceutical grade food challenges are unblinded, inaccurate, poorly scalable, and unsafe especially in the very young children.

The awarding of the Biomedical Catalyst Grant with enable Reacta to extend its pharma grade product portfolio in the development of OFC’s to peanut, egg and milk for use in young patients aged 6 months and upwards.

Our robust, scalable, standardised OFCs already delivers superior safety, diagnostic accuracy, in older children and adults. From these, the new paediatric formulations will be developed and will incorporate unique texturisers, aroma and flavour agents tailored to very young children, develop advanced analytics including extraction buffers, antibody probes, and bioanalytical methods to track allergens, and integrate prototypes into cGMP production.

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