Reacta Healthcare develop and manufacture challenge meals for use in food allergy clinical trials. Building from this foundation we offer innovative development and manufacturing solutions across the food allergy space.

Reacta Healthcare, established in 2013, operates from a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Deeside, North Wales. It is licenced to manufacture challenge meals for use in clinical trials. These challenge meals are currently used to diagnose and monitor food allergy in numerous worldwide therapeutic trials. Patents for the challenge meals have been granted in a number of countries.

Reacta Healthcare is developing its in-house analytical capability and has plans in place for expansion into niche areas of food allergen development and manufacture. This will include all aspects from sourcing through to manufacture of end product.

Our Values

Challenge Meals

The Reacta Healthcare challenge meal delivers specific doses of a fully masked allergen to trial participants in a patented format including a non-allergen equivalent that is indistinguishable in taste and texture from the allergen formulations. This makes the product ideally suited for clinical trials that require a placebo controlled blinded oral food challenge.

Patented Technology

Reacta Healthcare holds a suite of global patents.

“The proprietary way in which we mask the allergens is key. Allergic individuals are generally very sensitive to the food(s) they are allergic to and get very anxious during a challenge if they detect the taste, texture, sight or smell of the allergen. This can result in the challenge being prematurely stopped” said Dr Martin Wickham, Chief Commercial Officer at Reacta Healthcare


The business blends together unique expertise from the food and pharmaceutical industries to develop, analyse and manufacture pharmaceutical grade food based products. Reacta Healthcare has built and continues to develop a team combining a broad set of skills and knowledge from food technology, food analysis, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and new product development. The business has pushed the boundaries by its application of pharmaceutical standard manufacturing practices with innovative foods.

New Product Development

The newly established NPD suite and team are currently developing egg and milk challenge meals. The NPD team are open to approaches from companies wishing to work with them to develop new allergen products, novel products, and analytical techniques.


In June 2021 Reacta Healthcare closed the largest funding round since inception. Praetura Ventures joined the existing investors which include the Management Team, Development Bank of Wales, and Perscitus Capital LLP. With this investment, Reacta Healthcare continues to look to the unmet need within the highly competitive allergy market. The company continues to develop capabilities around food allergens including the manufacture of allergy active ingredients and foods. Please get in touch for further information.

Dr Andy Sumner, Praetura Director added: “It’s great to be backing a business which is on track to have a significant and positive impact on society as well as returning significant funds for our investors.”

Michael Bakewell, a deputy fund manager who manages technology venture investments at the Development Bank of Wales, commented “Food allergies have become a major global health problem affecting around 250 million people worldwide. With the benefit of equity investment, Reacta Healthcare is quickly building a strong name in the global food allergy diagnostic market. They are very much on course to becoming the gold standard oral food challenge diagnostic supplier in the market and with our continued support they have every opportunity to achieve their growth ambitions.”

“We look forward to supporting the team on the clinical contacts and customer side, as well as working with them on the strategy and marketing.”
-Development Bank of Wales