Reacta Healthcare operates from an MHRA licensed facility, with plans in place to expand further. The business is licenced to manufacture challenge meals for use in clinical trials.

At Reacta Healthcare we operate a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility with dedicated production rooms and equipment for specific allergens and non-allergen containing products. We handle raw materials through intermediate processing, bulk manufacture, primary and secondary packaging.

Our team has extensive experience in sourcing food materials for use in pharmaceutical products and have developed end to end control systems focused on product identity, safety, potency and managing variability. We are able to provide support with characterising active substances, working in close collaboration with our New Product Development department..

As an Operations team we are uniquely positioned as a highly skilled group that include experts with comprehensive pharmaceutical experience. The group has risen to the challenge of taking food (non-typical pharmaceutical materials) and developing Auxiliary Medicinal Products.

Everyone at Reacta Healthcare is dedicated to supporting the growth of the business, working closely with existing clients for supply to clinical trials and we are poised to expand our product range, incorporating new allergens and processes. We are always looking forward to working with new partners.

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Reacta Healthcare are ready to work with early stage companies through to large pharmaceutical companies to support bespoke manufacturing needs.