Oral Food Challenges

Oral Food Challenges (OFC’s) are the gold standard for food allergy diagnosis. Blood tests and skin prick tests for food allergy yield many false positive results leading to many “worried well” who may be placed on inappropriate and expensive therapies. Furthermore, false negative results may leave allergic patients at risk of accidental exposure.

OFC’s have been shown to improve the quality of life of patients as they can give individuals an indication as to whether they are likely to react to foods carrying ‘may contain’ allergen labels. In addition, OFC’s provides an opportunity for the critical training of patients in the use of rescue medication.

Reacta’s products are manufactured in a world-class Pharma GMP accredited facility with the goal of being the first regulatory-approved OFC available on the market.

Why use Reacta’s OFC?

  • Reactas’ technology facilitates a change in clinical practice giving physicians an easy to use, regulated and controlled OFC
  • There is a significant discrepancy in the prevalence of sensitisation (as indicated by in vitro tests) vs. prevalence of OFC proven food allergy which presents a unique opportunity for a disruptive diagnostic technology
  • Leading a new Quality of Care paradigm
  • Reactas’ goal is to regularise and professionalise the OFC process.

Reacta’s technology is addressing an unmet need for standardised, stable, accurate & fully blinded high-quality OFCs:

1.  For routine clinical practice as a companion diagnostic for food allergy therapies:

  • To determine requirement to initiate therapy
  • As a monitoring tool to assess ongoing therapeutic success
  • Provide patients with an indication of their level of tolerance to an allergen

2.  For placebo-controlled food challenges for use in clinical trials

Reacta’s technology facilitates a change in clinical practice giving allergologists a pharmaceutical grade, controlled dose OFC.

Reacta’s Peanut OFC is currently being used in both academic and commercial Clinical Research. Please refer to our PIPELINE page for exciting new developments.

Expanded Access Policy / Named Patient Use

Given the recent launch of the first FDA and EMA approved peanut allergy therapy and Reactas’ recent pharma GMP accreditation, the company is exploring this opportunity in advance of formal regulatory approval.