Use of Technology

Our platform technology is a patented pharmaceutical grade food matrix used by clinicians as an oral delivery system. This technology enables the delivery of a range of active substance delivery systems in a palatable and stable food, with improved bio accessibility while masking the often bitter taste of the payload. This enables the delivery of a number of active substances to populations who have difficulties ingesting solid dosage forms, thus improving medication adherence.

Medicinal Foods

The base matrix allows for the encapsulation of a vast array of payloads (API’s, nutraceuticals, medicinal foods etc.). The technology has application in the drug and vaccine delivery space. particularly where oral mucosal delivery is required and/or palatability is an issue. Preliminary discussions are underway with a paediatric oral drug formulations group. An opportunity exists for product development under collaborative partnerships with biotech companies.

Allergen OFC’s

Our core matrix technology allows for smooth extension into other food allergens and our New Product Development team continues to work on product line extension as well as new formulations and flavours.