Reacta Healthcare secures first US patent

Reacta Healthcare, based in Deeside North Wales, has secured its first US patent, expanding patents already held across Europe, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, and the UK.

The patent has been granted for challenge meals, which are used in oral food challenges (OFCs).  Unique to the Reacta formulation is Reacta’s ability to create a non-allergen formulation that is indistinguishable in taste and texture from products containing allergens. 

OFCs are considered the gold standard for food allergy diagnosis and Reacta is addressing an unmet need for standardised challenge meals which are used for OFCs.

“We are delighted to have secured our first US patent after four years of dedicated hard work by our team at Reacta,” commented Dr Paul Abrahams, CEO of Reacta.  “Securing this patent strengthens our growing portfolio while also verifying the novel nature of products.  OFCs are the gold standard of food allergy testing in Europe and this patent helps us to bring our pioneering challenge meals to the US market, marking a huge step in our mission to improve the quality of life of allergy sufferers globally.”

 Reacta challenge meals are already in use as OFCs to determine participant inclusion and measure outcomes for numerous clinical trials of food allergy therapies worldwide.

Reacta is poised for exponential growth following the granting of the patent as it continues to transform the food allergy diagnostics market.  The company has generated a 3-fold increase in clients over the past 12 months, supported by a 4-fold increase in staff.  The company is actively recruiting for experienced and skilled staff including a large number of scientific and technology vacancies to support this rapidly growing business.

“Reacta is on a firm upwards trajectory as we continue to develop new technologies and expand our capabilities,” continued Dr Abrahams.  “Many pharma companies are presently focused on allergy treatment, but our eye remains firmly on diagnosis, ensuring patients are accurately tested in order that they can respond well to these new innovations in therapy.  We have some incredibly exciting new products in our R&D pipeline, including OFCs for other common allergies.  Our ongoing investment in business growth is vital in driving forward our ambition to continue to lead the field in precision allergy testing and diagnosis.”

Reacta is based at Deeside Industrial Park which sits within Deeside Enterprise Zone, a hot bed for manufacturing and innovation in North Wales.  The park is located off the A548/A550 and two miles from the end of the M56, which provides access to the national motorway and road networks servicing North Wales and the North West.

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US Patent No 11,389,548; Oral Food Challenge Meal Formulations; was granted to Reacta on 19.07.2022.