Senior hire to cement 2023 growth plans at Reacta Healthcare

Reacta Healthcare has appointed a new quality control manager to further expand and develop its quality function. The leadership post will ensure delivery of the company’s growth plans for 2023 and boost its commitment to innovating food allergy diagnosis.


Chris Pogue joins the pharmaceutical manufacturing company based in Deeside, North Wales, and will head up the department that ensures high standards for the firm’s oral food challenges (OFCs). The gold-standard for food allergy diagnostics, OFCs involve patients consuming ‘challenge meals’ that contain incrementally increasing amounts of a suspect food allergen until a mild reaction occurs. It is used to diagnose and monitor food allergies in clinical trials across the world.


With 32 years experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing, Chris’ previous role was as a quality control manager at a Wrexham-based pharmaceutical and biotechnology firm. In her new role, she will help ensure delivery of the product development pipeline and meet existing customer requirements. The appointment comes hot off the heels of a successful year for Reacta Healthcare, which saw it quadruple its employee headcount and experience a three-fold increase in clients.


Chris says: “I’m delighted to be joining Reacta Healthcare at such a key time for the dynamic business. It’s so exciting to be part of its future success as we work to transform food allergy diagnosis.


“Living with food allergies can be incredibly difficult; it can mean social exclusion, reduced quality of life and financial repercussions, not to mention the risk of hospitalisation and anaphylaxis. But it doesn’t have to be like that. It’s an honour to play a part in making it possible to diagnose allergies early on in life to establish treatment and make it more manageable.”